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PC Unpacking Troubleshooting

We're very sorry you're having a problem. Don't worry, we'll get you up and running as soon as possible! Please follow the steps below, it'll help us to get you up and running. If you have any difficulty following these instructions, please email info@imperfectsamples.com

1. Did you use Firefox with DownloadThemAll! to download your files, as per the recommendation? Don't worry if not, just move on to the next step. In the future please remember to use DownloadThemAll! or another download manager for a reliable and fast download experience.

2. Have all your product files completed downloading? Please ensure that ALL your product files have finished downloading before continuing. To do this, open firefox, click "Tools - > DownloadThemAll Tools -> Manager...", and you should see a window displaying 100% complete on all files.

3. Are all your *.rar product files in the same folder on your hard disk? Please ensure that ALL product files are in the same folder on your hard disk before continuing.

4. Are you using Winrar to unpack your files, as per the installatino guide? If you haven't already installed it, click here to install Winrar. Please ensure that you have downloaded and installed Winrar before continuing.

5. Are you only running part1.rar ? Please ensure that you only run part1.rar - you do not need to run any other parts.

6. If you can confirm that you have done all the above, and you're still receiving an error when trying to unpack, please check the MD5 hash of your product files. To do this, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click here to download MD5check
  2. Open MD5Check.zip and run MD5check.exe
  3. Calculate the MD5 checksum for each of your (*.rar) product files. Please copy and paste all the text into an email and send it to info@imperfectsamples.com. Please don't worry- we'll get you sorted quickly.

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