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Ebony Concert Grand basic pro complete extreme demos faq   buy

The 7 bar loop mixer below demonstrates the use of each perspective within a pop mix. This website mixer is in beta. Please email info@imperfectsamples.com if you experience any latency or problems

NB: This is 2mb in size, please allow time for the mixer to load. To use this mixer, you must use a fast computer and the latest version of flash. Audio latency may be experienced on slow machines. Latency will not be experienced when you purchase the samples; this is a website player.

Move each fader or type numbers into the level boxes
to see the result of each microphone perspective in the mix loop.
Please note that compression, stereo spacing, and EQ was used here.

Click here for a solo comparison of all mic perspectives

For more information about the provided portable hard disk, click here.

*NB: Kontakt Player is not the same as Kontakt. Player is a piece of software that is locked to the samples you purchased it with. To use the library, Kontakt 2.2 or later is required.

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