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This instrument is a powerful imperfect multi-sample library. The Schimmel Braunschweig 24 bit multisampled upright piano delivers an unusual, dark and extremely dynamic range. This virtual instrument enables composers and producers a-like, to create a stunning and moving, intimate performances for piano passages.

Unlike most piano sample libraries, the sounds of the fingers tapping the ivory keys, the pedal, subtle mechanical sounds, and even occassional seat noise, has been recorded in order to preserve as much of a life-like performance as possible. This is what is referred to as "imperfect".

This piano sounds REAL.

Presented in 2 versions, the Braunschweig Upright contains 8 layers, and 1 microphone perspective; the Braunscheweig Upright (Pro) contains 14 layers, and 2 microphone perspectives, for additional versatility. To compare the Braunschweig Upright and Braunschweig Upright (Pro), click here.

This outstanding virtual instrument is available for EXS24mkII and Kontakt. If you would like to request any other formats, please contact Imperfect Samples.

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