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"Just wanted to quickly drop a line to let you know how in love I am with the Hohner Baby Grand. I used it extensively in my music for the film "Surrogates" with Bruce Willis... and am using it again in my newest score for "Bad Faith". Excited to download the Braunschweig upright when I get a spare minute, too!

Keep up the incredible work! Your samples are killer and are among the best out there!"

Deane Ogden ("Surrogates" [Bruce Willis], "Bad Faith")
"How is it possible that we bought almost all piano sample libraries out there, including £300 EWQL, Ivory, and modelled pianos such as PianoTEQ that everyone swears by, and yet we only just came across imperfect samples. Quite simply, you make the best pianos out there. Just bought the White Baby Grand and we are blown away. Please never stop making sampled instruments as you have a rare gift. "

Matt Atkins

"..WOW!!! I thought that modelling was the way forwards, but youve proven me wrong. Your imperfect white grand is not just a piano... its an inspiration............... Im trying to produce a track but I cant stop playing!!!! "

Will Gartner

"I am really excited about the natural sound you achieved, absolutely fantastic! As a film and TV composer I've got most of the other sampled pianos available pls a real Boesendorfer grand in my home studio, but as far as I'm concerned this is the most natural sounding piano you could get out of a computer so far. I especially love the higher notes which sound so natural as if you're sitting in front of the real thing. And the pedal notes! I wonder how a Boesendorfer grand would sound out of your hands! Great work, I'm truly amazed "

Chris Weller

"... It's rare to find something so inspiring to play, this has to be most organic sounding grand piano in my collection I can't stop playing.."

Siobhain Palmer

"..your imperfect piano is the first instrument in history of samples which managed to fool my publisher - he's recording orchestras, bands and solo instruments almost every day and he thought I sent him a track featuring a real piano!"

Igor Dvorkin

"... This is just what i was seeking for ! Perfect imperfect samples! Thanks ! Great job! I can feel the wood in my sampler! Congratulations..."

Lionel Roduit

"you ended my sufferings and I can only thank you for that :) It sound funny, but I wanted to thank you personally since I played your Baby Grand for the first time."

Dmitry Evgrafov

Danny, The Script

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